The Science Of Radio Frequency

Science of Radio frequency Energy for Skin-Toning and Tightening & Facelifts

As we get older our skin can lose some of its elasticity.  Less collagen and elastin grows, meaning our connective tissue can start to weaken leading to uneven skin tone, wrinkles and lines.  Gravity tends to make skin sag, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  My RF energy treatment will rejuvenate your skin by encouraging your body’s natural processes to rebuild its structure.

Radio frequency refers to the number of electromagnetic waves per second within the radio wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  These radio waves move at the speed of light and have wavelengths from 1 millimetre to 100 kilometres and frequencies of 300 kHz to 3 GHz.  Your body is mostly water and it’s very good at conducting electricity.

Your RF energy treatment uses electromagnetic waves that oscillate 5 million times a second.  You don’t feel it directly.  Instead, you feel a gentle warming.

I use bipolar and tripolar hand-pieces to treat smaller areas such as the face, neck and hands – This makes the electromagnetic field very localized.  To treat larger areas such as your legs or tummy, I use a larger hexpolar hand-piece.  Each of a these hand-pieces deliver a maximum of 50 W/cm2 through your skin, which ensures the RF energy treatment is highly effective without risk of unwanted fat removal.

The RF energy initially passes through your skin’s epidermis layer without affecting it to reach your existing collagen in your skin’s dermis layer.  Your collagen resists the flow of the radio waves, causing a heating effect in it.  This heat makes your existing collagen shrink, tightening your skin, which you’ll be able to see right after your treatment.

A secondary effect of the radio waves in your skin’s dermis layer will be the stimulation of new collagen growth over the next 6 months.  This is an inflammatory response by your body to the changes to your collagen made by the RF energy.  Your body’s effectively healing your skin in a way that results in more even and dense collagen distribution, so your skin’s smoother and tighter.

If you would like even more detailed information about how RF energy works to tighten and enhance your skin-tone, please take a look at the following clinical paper:

Device Makes Treatments Quick, Effective

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