The Science Of Lipocavitation

Science of Lipocavitation for Body-Contouring and Cellulite Reduction

Back in the 1990s, the medical community started using ultrasonic lipocavitation during liposuction procedures to improve their effectiveness and reduce the negative side effects.  Since then, lipocavitation has become an increasingly prominent part of liposuction procedures and has recently become an effective method of removing excess subcutaneous fat in its own right.  Lipocavitation is now proven as both an effective and safe treatment that can be given to you by trained professional beauticians.

Once we reach puberty, the number of fat cells is fixed, although they can expand to around 500 times their original size to accommodate fat storage.

Your ultrasonic lipocavitation treatment consists of very low frequency ultrasound of 40 kHz at a power distribution of 50 W/cm2.  This allows me to sculpt your body-contours without the risk of uneven fat removal of more powerful equipment used by cosmetic surgeons.

This kind of ultrasound will specifically target the fat cells (known as adipocytes) under your skin at a depth of 2-5 cm.  It will not affect any other kind of tissue around the adipocytes or in the skin between the ultrasonic transducer and the fat, meaning it’s safe and painless, i.e. skin (epidermis and dermis), nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue and organs all remain intact and unaffected.

Your adipocytes contain fat in the form of solid triglycerides.  The treatment uses ultrasound to alternate between the compression and expansion of the fat in the adipocytes 40,000 times a second.  This localized rapid movement of the fat creates a lot of heat, “melting” the fat and turning it back into a liquid mixture of glycerol and fatty acids.

Now it’s an emulsion of liquid fat that’s being rapidly compressed and expanded.  This puts the fat under a tremendous amount of stress and tiny bubbles of vacuum start to form around imperfections in the fat.  The bubbles are very unstable and they implode so energetically that high-speed jets of liquid fat are blasted through the cell-walls of the adipocytes, allowing the fat to escape.  These adipocytes are also removed in this process, permanently reducing the number of fat cells under your skin.  While this sounds very frenetic, it’s very focused and all you’ll feel is a gentle warming just under your skin.

Once the liquid fat enters the interstitial fluid between the fat cells, it will be processed by the lymphatic system.  Your liver and kidneys will also play their part and the fat will leave your body via the urinary system.  You’ll see the improvement in body-shape continue over a period of several weeks as the fat and fat cell debris is gradually flushed from your body.

The newly released fat is actually processed by your liver in the same way it would ordinarily process fat from the food you eat, so the process is entirely natural.

If you would like even more detailed information about how lipocavitation works to enhance your body-contours, please take a look at the following clinical papers:

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