Are Lipocavation Treatments Right For You

If you feel you’d like to be slimmer or you have the odd bit of fat that just won’t go away no matter how much you work out and diet, ultrasonic lipocavitation can almost certainly help you get the body you deserve. I can more than likely dramatically reduce your cellulite, too.

You should also be able to have your skin toned and tightened & the lines and wrinkles reduced or removed from your face without any worries.

To ensure your treatment’s a nice, relaxed, pleasurable experience, please take a look at the following considerations:

  • Try to avoid doing anything that might irritate your skin right beforehand, such as sunbathing or having a tanning session
  • If you find your skin’s much more sensitive at certain times of the month, you may prefer to have treatments at other times
  • You should avoid using aspirin and any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (known as NSAIDS) for a couple of weeks before a treatments session.  They would impair your body’s natural ability to flush all the fat out of your system.
  • It’s best to avoid treating skin with significant moles and tattoos
  • If you have implants made of metal or any other material that could be heated up by RF energy, those areas must not be treated
  • Areas previously treated with dermal fillers may not be appropriate for RF energy treatment
  • If you have cancer, especially skin cancer, or have ever had cancer, RF energy treatment may be inadvisable
  • If you have extremely large fat deposits, there may be more effective options
  • There may be occasions when an existing condition means lipocavitation or RF energy treatment is inappropriate:

◦                     When you’re breast feeding as the released fat will mean your milk has a higher fat content

◦                     Heart disease

◦                     High cholesterol

◦                     a fitted pacemaker or any other kind or implanted electrical device

◦                     Liver or pancreatic conditions

◦                     Scarring, hernias or skin disorders in the area to be treated

◦                     Sensory disturbance to the skin

◦                     Use of anticoagulant drugs

◦                     Haemophilia (blood coagulation disorder)

◦                     HIV positive

◦                     Exposure to organophosphates, herbicides or pesticides

  • There’s no actual evidence to suggest that lipocavitation or RF energy treatment would harm your unborn baby if you weren’t aware you were pregnant at the time. If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you may feel it makes sense to have treatment after you’ve given birth when it’ll be most effective.

In any event, I’ll discuss your medical history with you to ensure lipocavitation is right for you before starting your treatment.

If you’re unsure about anything, I’m happy to have a chat with you to set your mind at ease.  Even if you’re sure my treatments aren’t right for you, I may be able to suggest an alternative.

To find out more about the convenience of having lipocavitation treatment on your body-contours & RF energy treatment on your face and skin in Harrogate, York, London and beyond, please contact me.

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