Cellulite Treatments

Maybe you suffer from cellulite like 90% of all women, but you can forget about cellulite just like the other lucky 10% with my help.  You don’t have to put up with lumpy and dimpled skin on your hips, buttocks and thighs anymore!

Cellulite is caused by the presence of significant numbers of fat cells found in pockets within connective tissue of skin. Fluid and fat build up in those pockets, which then bulge against that connective tissue, while also reducing the blood supply.  That makes it even harder for your body to remove the excess fluid and fat, making the cellulite even worse!

There’s a plethora of cellulite treatments out there, but in reality, most have little or no effect.

My combined lipocavitation and radio frequency energy (RF energy) treatment is ideal for drastically reducing cellulite.  During your treatments, you’ll feel a gentle warming sensation in your skin.

Your lipocavitation treatment removes the fat from your cellulite pockets and this can be very long lasting as your fat cells are also permanently removed, so less fat can be deposited there in the future.

Your RF energy treatment then evens your skin-tone by promoting growth and renewal of your collagen in your skin where it was weakened by the pressure of bulging pockets of fat. To start with, you’ll see your skin tightened and lifted, then you’ll see it continue to firm up more over time.

Your skin will increasingly look healthier, smoother and younger day-by-day over the coming months and I can help you keep your new firmed look with advice on diet and exercise as part of your new holistic lifestyle.

Taking a holistic view of how you look after your body can also play a big part in keeping your skin looking young and firm.

If you want to learn more about how ultrasonic lipocavitation and RF energy work to dramatically reduce cellulite, take a look at the science behind it.

To find out more about how I can reduce your cellulite in Harrogate, York, London and beyond, please contact me.

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