Of how the fat is removed from the body

“No unnatural or new metabolic pathways are required for the body to process the released triglyceride. […]  … free fatty acids released from the [ultrasound]-treated fat cell are being processed in normal pathways that nature has evolved for the transport of fat. […]  All of these pathways have enormous capacity and fast response times in terms of handling TG, as witnessed in the removal of TG in 3-4 hrs from a 2000 cal milkshake.”

Spencer Brown, Ph.D., Director of Plastic Surgery Research, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA

Of the selective nature of lipocavitation

“The result is selective fat lysis by breaking the adipocyte membranes with no damage to neighbouring structures like skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.”

Jacques Otto, M.D., Cosmedicate, London, UK

Of the speed, convenience and efficacy of RF energy treatment

“… radio frequency energy technology can tighten tissue significantly after only one to four treatments with no postoperative downtime.”

“The collagen tightening from wound healing stays until gravity causes it to loosen.  At five years, you’ll have generally the same improvement you see at six months.  The results are very similar results to those of a facelift.”

Richard E. Fitzpatrick, M.D, Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology, University of California, San Diego

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