Benefits Of Treatments

Removing your fat with ultrasonic lipocavitation & tightening your face and skin with radio frequency energy (RF energy) has many benefits over other procedures.

  • You’ll find the positive effects of your treatments stay with you for not just 6 months, but up to 2 years and beyond if you take on a holistic approach to treating your body, the way it deserves
  • My treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive, so they’re extremely safe
  • No needles… I promise!
  • Ultrasonic lipocavitation is the most effective alternative to conventional liposuction if you’re looking for modest or moderate fat removal
  • RF energy promotes increased collagen growth and expansion to plump up your skin where it needs it
  • Your skin has time to adjust to your new body-shape over a course of ultrasonic lipocavitation treatment and this is further enhanced by combining it with RF energy treatment
  • Your skin will be smoother and tighter
  • Your body tone and contours will be more even
  • Your stretch marks can be reduced
  • Your cellulite will be dramatically reduced
  • My treatments are suitable for all skin-colours
  • My non-surgical treatments are relatively inexpensive compared to more drastic surgical options
  • My treatments are completely free of the following problems associated with other procedures:

◦                     pain

◦                     nerve damage and loss of sensation

◦                     bruising, swelling and scarring

◦                     looking lopsided

◦                     bleeding

◦                     infection

◦                     reaction to anaesthesia

◦                     blood clots

◦                     needing to be fit enough for surgery

◦                     the need for someone to look after you afterwards

◦                     the need to avoid serious exercise for weeks and even months

◦                     the need to wear support garments during recovery

Feeling queasy yet? Why go through any of that when a little friendly pampering from me can give you much more pleasing results?

My treatments are relaxed and unrushed with no need to take time out to recover afterwards.  This means your treatment is so convenient that you can easily fit it around your energetic lifestyle.  I can treat you when you want to be treated, where you want to be treated, the way you want to be treated – In the comfort of your own home, the sanctuary of my rooms or the familiarity of your favourite salon.

To find out more about how your body-contours can benefit from lipocavitation & your face and skin can be tightened using radio frequency energy in Harrogate, York, London and beyond, please contact me.